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For All of Your Housing Development & Construction Projects.


We Aid Our Clients With:


Building & Renovating,

& Selling Or Holding Real Estate

We Specialize In Formulating, Identifying, & Managing Real Estate Projects:

Property Acquisitions

Development, Construction, & Project Management

Property Dispositions

Property Management

Project Types:

Single Family Homes • Multi-Family Homes • Apartments • Condos & Town Homes • Mobile & Manufactured Homes • Commercial Buildings • Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Land • Tiny Homes • Shipping Container Homes

No Huge Contractor Markups!

No More Unreliable Vendors!

No More Headaches!

We Are Partnered With Reputable Licensed & Insured Contractors & Vendors in All the Real Estate Professions:

Realtors • Appraisers • Wholesalers •  General & Mechanical Contractors • Construction Sub-Contractors • Mortgage Brokers • Private & Hard Money Lenders • Real Estate Attorneys & More!

We help clients save time, money, and prevent them from experiencing the headaches which can be associated with managing or mismanaging projects, contractors, and vendors.


  • Justin M. Bullock, C.E.O.

    Justin M. Bullock founded Community Construction Services, LLC. with the mission of building a company that specializes in the development...

  • K. Austin Peltier, V.P.

    Austin K. Peltier, Community Construction Services, LLC’s. Vice President, has been lifelong friends with Justin Bullock since they were both...

  • Ron Tremblay, C.M.O.

    Ron Tremblay, Community Construction Services, LLC’s. Chief Marketing Officer, has a profound level of experience and understanding relating to sales...

  • Jesse Dent, Lead Consultant

    Jesse Dent, a lead consultant with Community Construction Services, LLC., visited Jacksonville almost twenty years ago and never left. He...


  • “Justin and his team are exceptional. They listen to the customer and address any concerns and they don’t try to force anything onto the customer. They are all great people trying to do good things.”

    Rick F.

  • “Highly recommend this company. Easy to work with, fast response time, honest, and reliable.”

    Luis C.

  • “Justin is an expert in his field!!!! Trustworthy and loyal.”

    Melissa B.

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    Chris J.

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    Nancy E.

  • “Justin is fantastic. I’ve worked with Justin both as a client and collaborator–he is smart, trustworthy, hardworking, and innovative.”

    Don F.

  • “If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in the Jacksonville market, Justin is the guys to call. He has many creative ideas and solutions to solving any real estate problem you may have. I highly recommend his services.”

    Collin G.

  • “I’ve know Justin for years and he is one of the best, most humble individuals you will ever meet. He is hardworking and no matter what task he is working on, he puts in 110% and more to insure the job is done right. You won’t regret working with Justin. He will treat you right and get the job done.”

    Aaron B.

  • “Justin is a delight to work with. He is very knowledgeable and kind. He started out as our real estate agent, and has since become a dear, trusted friend.”

    Kathy O.

  • “Justin is a delight to work with. He is very knowledgeable and kind. He started out as our real estate agent, and has since become a dear, trusted friend.”

    Amanda F

  • “Justin is incredibly professional and a real genuine guy.”

    James C.